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Pharmaceutical Form : Solution
Packing : 15c.c
Composition : Salicylic Acid 10 mg.+ Dexamethasone 1mg./1 ml

Composition :
Each 1 ml. Of solution contains :
Salicylic Acid 10 mg.
Dexamethasone 1 mg.
Properties :
Salicylic acid : has keratolytic properties, it is applied topically in the treatment of hyperkeratosis and scaling skin conditions such as : dermatitis, psoriasis, acne and for the removal of common warts .
Dexamethasone : is a glucocorticoid . Topical corticosteroids shows anti-inflammatory, anti- pruritic and vasoconstrictive actions .
Indications :
Salidex solution is used in the treatment of the following cases :
- Nervous dermatitis . -Acne .
- Lichenoid or dry eczema . - Psoriasis .
- Keratoderma . - Lichen .
- Removal of common warts .
Contra indications :
Salidex solution is contraindicated in following cases :
- Hypersensitivity to any of its components .
- Bacterial or viral or fungal infections .
- Weeping or ulcerative dermal injuries .
Side effects :
Burning - itching - irritation - redness and secondary infection in rare cases or hirsutism If redness or irritation occurs should be discontinued therapy and appropriate therapy instituted with the doctor’s consultation .
Precautions :
- Should be used with care on the extremities of patients with diabetics
- Should not be used for prolonged periods, in high concentrations, on large areas of the body or on inflamed or broken skin .
- Caution should be used in nursing mother and during pregnancy only if the potential benefit justifies the potential risk to the fetus .
- Administration of topical corticosteroids to children should be limited to the least amount compatible with an effective therapeutic regimen.
- Should be avoided contact with the eye and mucous membranes .
Over dosage :
Topically corticosteroids can be absorbed in sufficient amounts to produce systemic effects .
Dosage & Administration :
Apply to the affected area as a thin film (1-3) times daily .
When a favorable response is obtained, reduce dosage gradually and eventually discontinue .
Packaging :
Bottle 15 ml. - 50 ml.